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IS must by shaped y the organization’s structure, business processes, goals, culture, and management, in order to serve the needs of important organizational groups, as well as the usage of internet can save transaction and agency costs in the organization. Revenue growth, profitability or productivity growth can be defined as competitive advantage, as such those people usually has a higher stock market valuation than their competitors In the long run position, they might using special resources or use commonly available resources in an efficient way than other competitor. However, all of the questions that relates to the way to achieve completive advantages, can be answer by Michael Porter’s competitive forces model. We will write a custom essay sample on Info or any similar topic only for you Order Now IS can actually change the operation among the organization without anymore manual handling, replacing complicated steps with tasks, and eliminating delays in decision making, moreover, by conducing a business process analysis, it may help to understand the way that the business’s innovation, achieve greater efficiency and effective and customer server. There are a range of management system can be revered by IS in a business as illustrating below. Transaction processing systems [TIPS], is to serve operational management in the business, can track those transaction In the dally routine that are need to be conduct the business, such as order processing and payroll; Management Information system [MIS], are designating to serve the middle management In the business, which are basically solve the routine questions that have been predefined In advance, and thus the flexibility and analytical capability are limited in MIS: however, there is a system that can support narration decision making in the middle manage, which is known as Decision- support system[ADS], is indifferent to MIS, ADS can solve problems that are unique and quickly changing from a variety of models, by condensing a large quantities of data into a way that decision maker can analyze them directly, also a user-friendly software can support the decision making in a more efficiency way; Executive support systems[SEES], address neurotic decisions that are required certa in Judgment, evaluation, and insight In the senior management, by providing data in the form of harts and graphs delivered from portals applying several Internal and external information. IS facilitates business models for users to take advantages from network economics, based on a large network of usage, firms’ abilities to create network with each other, strategy allow a company to use the capabilities of other to build, market ad distribute services and goods by using network connection to other firms. For the business ecosystem, customers can obtain all the value from multiple industries work, consequently, IS support a dense network of interactions within those firm that as participated in it. Furthermore, the Supply Chain management[SCM], is used to improve the coordination of supplier, distribution and good or service production, which are focusing on upstream information flow, in order to reduce costs associated with raw materials, and components from suppliers and thus accelerate product development. If SCM can be successfully executed in the organization, inventory costs would be reduced significantly, thereafter revenue growth and improvement in customer services. The answer here should be a single integrated argument that demonstrates that you understands how different types of information systems affect (I) managerial efficiency (it) managerial effectiveness and (iii) the competitive positioning of organization. In order to achieve a competitive advantage, companies are consider to be using IS with precise coordination of technology and management in the organization. The research have been shown that a firm can align IS with the business’s goal, the more profitable it would be, but there are only a few firms has been achieve alignment of IT with their business. To identify the types of systems that provide a strategic advantage, manager need to perform IS effectively to align with their business, according to the Australian Largest publicly listed company, Coles group, we can clearly see how a successful operation linked to Porter’s competitive five forces models, the strategies in Coles group are determined by competition with its traditional direct competitors, as such the strategic position of the firm are not only affected by the only one factor, but also the new market entrant, substitute products ND services by using new technologies, since the more substitute products in the industry, the less the pricing control and the lower profit margin among the group; one of the important factor in Coles would be considered as the ability of attracting the customers, to minimizing those customers to switch to other competitor, Coles need to remain their good and services in a substantial price level. Finally the impact of supplier would be larger, if the firm cannot increase prices as fast as the supplier does. How to cite Info, Papers

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